TRUE TO YOU: Your Custom Plan, Done Together
"Oh my gosh! If I had this 10 or 15 years ago, I would have saved myself so much time!"
"It's not fair!"

That's what Sarah told me when describing a fitness challenge she had been doing for the past 3 weeks. 

As a teacher, she didn't have a lot of time or energy to devote to herself, but she wanted to lose a few pounds around her middle and "firm up." Having tried and failed dozens of times before, she wasn't about to invest in another losing battle. 

That's why she was so excited to do it as part of a team this time. Exercising with 4 other teachers at her school would be fun, and swapping recipes made it easier to eat healthy. This time was going to be different...

After 3 weeks, here were their results:

Madeline had lost 11 pounds! Michele was down 7 pounds. Rachael and Leanne both dropped about 5 pounds. And Sarah had lost...nothing. All that work. Zero pounds gone.
Zero changes in 3 weeks felt even worse when Sarah saw how well everyone else did.
Sarah was right. It isn't fair when you do all the "right" things, not cutting any corners, and you still don't get the payoff you were expecting. 

It can feel even worse when you see other people who are doing exactly what you're doing but their bodies ARE changing. Sure, you want your friends to succeed, but deep down you feel left out. Why them? What's wrong with you? (Not a darn thing - honest. Hang in there while we explain...)
What a Difference 0.5% Can Make...
You know that you're unique, right? 

Your personality, your appearance, your skills and talents are all different from anyone else. When you stop to remember that you're one-of-a-kind, it might not be as surprising that you get different results when you follow the same program as your friends.

But do you think this is what Sarah needed to hear after losing zero weight while her friends all had big successes? Nope. She wanted clarity. What will work for her?
It's now possible to learn exactly how your body is hardwired to get results.
This is where science comes in handy...

You are 99.5% the exact same as the people around you. As humans, we're nearly identical, BUT that tiny 0.5% can make all the difference in the world

To put this in perspective, your genes are 90% the same as those of a cat, but obviously you and Garfield are SO different. 

The smallest genetic differences lead to dramatic uniquenesses. That's why you are YOU.

Now you can understand why figuring out your specific genetic uniquenesses is like being handed a key that unlocks your personal fitness code.
Imagine how "in control" it would feel to know (for sure!) that if you eat certain foods and move your body in certain ways, you will get results? 

No more guessing because your body has told you exactly what it needs. Sound too good to be true? 

Well, recent advances in medical technology have made this a reality. The key to your personal health and fitness code is now available. Here's what it looks like...
The Key to Successful Weight-Loss Is Hidden In Your DNA
Examining your genetic makeup can provide all sorts of crucial information that will help you fine-tune your eating and healthy living habits in a way that your body is craving!

Your DNA can reveal personal health secrets that would take you years or decades to discover on your own. It did for us too. Take a look...
"No wonder a low-fat diet and tons of cardio never got me results and made me feel miserable. It's all because of my DNA
-Jennipher Walters
"In my adult life I've struggled with low energy, and have gone through a lot of medical testing and medications to overcome this... But my DNA showed me how taking a simple B-vitamin supplement could completely change how I feel on a daily basis."
-Dave Smith
"My test results were this fascinating mix of, 'Ahh, yes, that makes sense,' and, 'Oh my gosh, that's a gamechanger!' My workouts have changed and my diet is dialed in (high-quality protein for the win!) -- and I'm feeling better and better every day."
-Kristen Seymour
Of course, your story will be different from ours because your body is searching for something unique. That's the power of DNA testing - You will discover what YOU need and we want to help you along the way...
What Would Happen If You Decided to Be TRUE TO YOU?
TRUE TO YOU is lifestyle coaching program designed to help you lose weight permanently and feel more alive than you may have ever felt in your entire life.

If you've nearly given up hoping that your body can change, stop right here! There are 3 reasons why TRUE TO YOU works even when every other fitness or weight-loss program hasn't:
  • It's all based on your genetic makeup: Other programs likely haven't worked for you because they weren't designed for you. TRUE TO YOU begins by examining your unique DNA to determine what your body wants and needs.
  •  Every eating and exercise plan is 100% customized: Based on your DNA results, we create a perfectly customized eating and exercise plan that is scientifically proven to match what your body requires in order to see results.
  • We're here for you every step of the way: In all honesty, DNA results are confusing! There’s a ton of information to unpack, and if you're not a seasoned health professional, it will be very difficult make sense of it all. 
  • Let us analyze your results, outline your ideal plan in easy-to-understand terms, and coach you through the process so that you succeed. You don't have to do it alone!
Are You the Right Fit for TRUE TO YOU?
While we'd love to help everyone discover the unique solution to their stubborn weight issues, this program is best for a special group of women. Are you a good fit?
  • YOUR GOALS: Are you looking to lose at least 10 pounds that you've been carrying for at least one year?
  • YOUR HISTORY: Have you experimented with many different diets and/or exercise plans without seeing any significant lasting results?
  • YOUR COMMITMENT: Are you willing to invest 4-8 weeks to discover your unique weight-loss secret AND to implement a plan that will change your body?
We can only work with women in the TRUE TO YOU program who answer YES to all 3 of these questions because it's these women who will benefit most from our help. Is that you?
5 Steps: Taking Your Weight-Loss to a Genetic Level...
In TRUE TO YOU, we'll do all the analyzing, planning, and organizing so that you can focus on just one thing: Follow your custom plan to lose weight and feel amazing. Here's exactly how it works:
When you join TRUE TO YOU, we'll immediately send you a DNA test kit to start the process. Here's what will come in your kit...
Taking your DNA sample will take 5 minutes, which could easily be the best investment you've ever made in your health! Watch...
After carefully analyzing your DNA results, we'll call you to explain what has been holding back your weight-loss and how to fix the problems
To implement your plan, we'll deliver a 30-day eating and fitness plan that's completely based on your unique genetic makeup.
While you follow your customized plan, we're here for you! Ask questions, talk about results, tweak your program - we'll help you do it all!
Weight-loss without your DNA is like being locked in a dark room. On your hands and knees, you're searching for a key. You could spend weeks, months, years, or your entire lifetime just searching for the way out.
TRUE TO YOU is a bright spotlight that shines directly onto that hidden key. You grab it and instantly unlock the door in front of you!
You're Protected by Our TRUE TO YOU 60-Day Guarantee!
We get it. All this talk about genetics and DNA can seem a little "out there." This is completely different from anything you've heard about weight-loss and getting in shape.

Maybe it even sounds a bit scary. We don't blame you for feeling that way because this is NEW. The science has been used in research studies for decades, but it's never been available to you, and it's never been used for losing weight like this. 
That's why we want to offer you a guarantee that removes all of the risk: If for any reason in the next 60 days you decide that TRUE TO YOU isn’t the right program for you, just email us and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.* 

Seriously. If you don't feel it's working for you, we don’t want to keep your money, and will gladly help you find another solution that will work for you. Just send us an email, and we will try to point you in the right direction.
The End of Your Weight-Loss Journey Is Here and Now!
Ask yourself one question:
How much longer are you willing to be stuck in the same old pattern? Pick a diet, work really hard, get disappointing results, feel like a failure, then quit...until your next diet begins.
With TRUE TO YOU, you can break this cycle. Instead of putting all your hopes in another random weight-loss plan, let your body tell you what it really needs. Put an end to your weight-loss journey once and for all!
  • Use your very own DNA to determine exactly how your body can lose weight permanently.
  •  Have a team of professional coaches analyze your results and prepare a perfectly customized program for you.
  •  Don't leave anything to chance. Address all of your eating and exercise needs for faster results.
  • Get support and guidance as you implement your personalized plan. Finally make it happen!
Single Payment
  • Full DNA Food and Fitness Test
  • Results Consultation via Skype
  • 30-Day Custom Meal Plan
  • 30-Day Personalized Exercise Program
  • 30-Day Coaching and Program Updates
  • 60-Day Results Guarantee!*
3 Monthly Payments
  • Full DNA Food and Fitness Test
  • Results Consultation via Skype
  • 30-Day Custom Meal Plan
  • 30-Day Personalized Exercise Program
  • 30-Day Coaching and Program Updates
  • 60-Day Results Guarantee!*
If within 60 days of purchase you're not satisfied with your results, you can request a refund via email. You will be refunded your entire TRUE TO YOU program fee less the $447 USD cost associated with lab work used to process your DNA test.